Your step to easy & quick high-energy nutrition

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Do you want to learn how to prepare:

* The Most Refreshing Smoothie

* The Waist Friendly Soup

* The Pasta-Free Pasta

* The Immune Booster Drink,

* The Ultra Healthy High-Energy Snacks

... and MORE...?

Do you want to discover a different approach to nutrition that is effective and easy to implement?

Do you want to start taking care of yourself and your physical, mental, and emotional health?

I feel you. I am a busy woman myself running a coaching business online and teaching dance-fitness classes on the side.

Eating healthy is of uttermost importance to me, as well, because it gives me the energy I need to perform at my best, have a strong and pain-free body, laser-sharp focus, deep sleep, and quick memory.

And I want the same for you!

All of the recipes in the books are adapted from my "clients-favorite" catalog and are easy and quick to prepare.

You only need a high-speed blender and a spiralizing tool (for one of the recipes).

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In this e-book you will learn:

How to prepare high-energy smoothies for glowing skin

‚ÄčHow to make sugar-balancing snacks that stabilize your insulin levels

How to swap traditional lunch/dinner choices for a healthier alternative (with a balanced ratio of fats, carbs and protein)

FREE BONUS: Your Guide To Choosing Dark Chocolate

FREE BONUS: The Intuitive Hunger Self-Check

FREE BONUS: My Top Fav Anti-Inflammatory Drink

Start glowing today!

All recipes are mobile friendly. After downloading the e-book, you can also preview them on your phone :)


I am a certified health & life coach with mastery in transformational coaching.

I help women to increase their energy, build unshakable confidence, and attain & maintain their ideal weight without restricting themselves or measuring their portions sizes. So far, I have coached women how to change their old eating habits, discover sustainable ways of practicing self-care, improve their self-talk, release all stubborn weight (and keep it off), find their life-purpose, release old limiting beliefs and self-judgment, and even improve their relationships and career!

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Self-care is not selfish. It allows you to give MORE to others without depleting your energy or ending up resenting your current environment. Nutrition is a form of self-care and it pays back multiplied.:)

Both inside and out.



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